More Content Means More Visitors

Posted on Apr 17, 2015

More Content Means More Visitors

Content is the most important part of any website. Without good quality content, you aren’t going to get any visitors. And even if by some rare chance someone does come across your website (or if you advertise to get visitors), they certainly aren’t going to keep returning for more unless there is enough content to keep them interested or entertained for longer than one visit. And even on that first, they aren’t going to stay around for long if the quality is poor.

With bounce rate and length of visit becoming a more and more important part of Google’s algorithm for determining which sites it should list at the top of its search results, if you want to get near the top of Google you need to engage your visitors and make them stay on your site. So, what should you do if you want more first time and returning visitors on your website? The simple answer is add more content. Of course it has to be quality content or you’ll just have a site full of stuff that no-one wants to read, which doesn’t really solve the problem.



There are various ways of getting more content to fill out your website. First of course, you could always write it for yourself. This is obviously the cheapest way as all it costs you is your time and this is why most people choose to do exactly that. By regularly producing new content for your website, you will gradually see your visitors increase and adding new content on a regular basis also tends to increase the number of returning visitors you get.

Don’t worry though if you don’t have the time or skills to produce your own content, or if you want to add more content than you could reasonably be expected to write yourself. There are a few other options which will be described below.


Guest Writers

Firstly, you can consider opening up your site to guest writers. If you think that people would be willing to provide you with content related to your topic, this could be a worthwhile venture. You will find that there are many guest writers out there who are perfectly happy to product content for other websites, whether it is because they just enjoy sharing their knowledge or to raise the visibility of their product, service, or cause.


Free Article Sites

The second option to consider is to use free article websites which can be a fantastic source of content, depending on your topic. Unfortunately though, many webmasters use these free article directories, so you’ll find there is a lot of competition in Google for these articles. If hundreds of other people have already posted the same article on their website, then it can be nearly impossible to rank high enough in Google to bring in more visitors using this method. And there is also the drawback that nowadays Google doesn’t really like duplicate content and if you weren’t the first to publish an article, you could suffer even more in the search results. You can of course still use free article websites as a source of inspiration for what to write yourself, though.


Purchase Content

The final option is to purchase content for your website. While this can be an expensive option if you need large amounts of content, you can usually purchase unique rights to the articles meaning you will have much less competition in Google. This also has the advantage that you don’t have to worry about duplicate content issues (assuming you purchase from a reputable source). So this way of acquiring content can certainly be worth the initial investment if you need content to get up and running quickly. There are also sites where you can hire writers to produce dedicated content on the topic you specify, rather than selling you pre-written articles. You usually pay per such work based on the amount of words you require in your article.



Because the amount and quality of the content on your website plays such an important role in attracting and retaining visitors, it is well worth the investment – whether that investment is time or money – to add as much of it as you can to your website. Whether you choose to write the content yourself, bring in guest writers, utilize free article directories, or to purchase your content online, having more content will bring in more visitors. It will also encourage users to move around your site more meaning higher page views, lower bounce rates and longer times on site which is all good news when it comes to how Google regards your site. Finally, it will also increase the number of return visitors you get, if they know that you are consistently publishing new quality content.

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