Small Fluffy Dog Breeds

Small Fluffy Dog BreedsSmall Fluffy Dog Breeds is a website dedicated to dogs, in particular (as the name suggests!) small dogs.

It’s aim is to provide tips and guides on everything from dog obedience training to nutrition and health, as well as in-depth articles on different dog breeds. You can visit the website here.

The site was already established when the owner approached us. It was already running WordPress but the theme was cumbersome, unattractive and slow. We helped with the concept and the redesign of the website from the initial design stage through to implementation.

As the website is intended to be updated regularly with new guides and reviews, we chose a modern WordPress design to allow for easy posting of new articles.

A responsive theme was chosen as users are moving more and more towards mobile web browsing.

In addition, we made sure the theme was lightweight and fast. Various optimizations and enhancements were made to the theme to meet the owner’s requirements.